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Supervision, CPD and Audit 

The BACP Register sets requirements for supervisioncontinuing professional development (CPD) and insurance, which you agree to when you complete the Register Terms and Conditions.

Each month we carry out a random audit of Registered Members who are renewing their membership to ensure that the Register requirements are being met. This also replaces the previous audit procedure for Accredited / Senior Accredited members. .

Audit report

You can view our latest audit reports below:

pdf file BACP Register Audit Annual Report 2015/16
pdf file BACP Register Audit Annual Report 2015/16 summary information sheet 

pdf file BACP Register Audit Annual Report 2014/15
pdf file BACP Register Audit Annual Report 2014/15 summary information sheet 


BACP Register requirements for Supervision

Regular and ongoing supervision is a distinctive requirement of the counselling professions. Supervision is essential to how practitioners sustain good practice throughout their working lives.

As a BACP Registered Member, you commit to: 

  • Understanding the role and value of supervision, and ensuring that you have appropriate supervision in place
  • Keeping an up-to-date record of your supervision sessions, and submitting this to us if requested to do so
  • Being able to demonstrate the impact of supervision on your practice
  • Providing us, if requested, with details of your supervisor and giving them authority to disclose any audit information we require 

You can find out more about the supervision requirements and download a template for recording your supervision from the links below.

BACP Register requirements for CPD

The BACP Ethical Framework requires practitioners to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date through regular continuing professional development.

As a BACP Registered Member, you commit to: 

  • Keeping an up-to-date and accurate record of your CPD activities using the template below
  • Recording a range of CPD activities relevant to your current or future practice
  • Showing clearly how you have reflected, planned, actioned and evaluated your development needs, and how this will have an impact on your practice
  • Submitting your CPD record to us on request 
You can find out more about the CPD requirements and download the mandatory template for recording your CPD activities from the links below. You must use this template when submitting your CPD records to us. 

The Register defines CPD as "Any learning experience that can be used for the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of competence, knowledge and skills to ensure that the practitioner has the capacity to practise safely. effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice. It may include both personal and professional development".

BACP has a number of resources to help you with your CPD including: 

BACP Register requirements for Insurance 

The BACP Ethical Framework and the BACP Register require that members have adequate, current and ongoing professional indemnity insurance for their area(s) of practice.
If you are selected for audit, you will need to provide a copy of your insurance certificate or a letter from your employer to prove that you have this insurance in place. 

BACP Register Audit

If you are selected for audit, we will include details of  the requirements in your membership renewal pack. We will ask you for your past year's records of CPD, supervision and insurance. You will have until the end of your renewal month to provide the evidence requested.
You must provide your CPD records using the mandatory CPD template provided above.
You can find out more about the audit process and see some example records below.  
If you have any questions regarding audit, please email audit@bacp.co.uk.