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Renew your registration

BACP Registered Members must renew their registration every year by reviewing and confirming acceptance of the Register's Terms and Conditions.

This may also be called 're-registering' or 're-signing the Register'. You can do this online by clicking on the button below. 

Renew your Registration

If you are currently a Registered Member, you should renew your registration when you receive your membership renewal forms and pay your subscription.

If you do not 're-sign' the Terms & Conditions by the end of your membership renewal month, your name will be removed from the Register and you should stop using your BACP Registered Member logo. 

If you forget to re-register ...

If you were previously a Registered Member but forgot to re-register when you renewed your membership, you can renew your registration now by clicking on the button above. Your Registered Member status will be restored within 24 hours.

If you forget to pay ... 

If you do not pay your membership subscription, your BACP membership will lapse and your name will be removed from the BACP Register. You will have to reinstate your BACP membership and may have to re-sign the Register Terms & Conditions.   

Supervision, CPD and audit

The Register sets requirements for supervision, continuing professional development (CPD) and insurance which you agree to when you complete the Terms and Conditions. Each month we carry out a random audit of Registered Members who are renewing their membership to ensure that these requirements are being met. 

You can find out more about the requirements and download templates for planning and recording activities from Supervision, CPD and Audit.

Further information 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about renewing your registration, please contact us. Or you may find the answer in our Frequently asked questions.