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Frequently asked questions  

What is the purpose of the Register?

The main purpose of the BACP Register is protection of the public. 

In theory, without regulation anyone can practise. Choosing a BACP Registered Member will give clients and employers the reassurance that a therapist meets the minimum standards of proficiency and ethical practice that they would expect.  

We will be advising anyone who is seeking or employing a practitioner to make sure that their practitioner is registered. The Professional Standards Authority is also working with the Department of Health to ensure that quality-assured registers such as ours are promoted as the first place to look for practitioners.

Who can be on the Register?  

In accordance with the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, the BACP Board of Governors decided that all practising members of BACP must also be on the BACP Register from 31 March 2016. 

Individual Members have two years from the date of becoming an Individual Member to become registered. Any remaining MBACPs and Accredited / Senior Accredited members who have not registered must join the Register or, if appropriate, book a CoP assessment before their next renewal date. 

Retired members and student members are not eligible to join the Register. 

Can I join the Register if I am not practising?  

If you have not been practising for the last three years then you will not be eligible to join the BACP Register.  However, the definition of 'practitioner' is taken from the Ethical Framework and is quite broad, including practice management, training, supervision and research as well as seeing clients.

Do you have non-UK Registered Members on the Register? 

Yes, users can search the BACP Register for Registered members who practise abroad.  

How can members outside of the UK become Registered?  

This is still in discussion. We will publish further information as soon as a decision has been made. 

What information is shown on the Register? 

The Register will only show:  
  • Register certificate number
  • Name
  • Status (e.g. accredited)
  • Location (this is general location rather than a specific location e.g. town or county). 
If you want to make any amendments, please contact us with your request.  The change will only be made to the Register entry, not your Membership records.  In certain circumstances we may require evidence, such as a marriage certificate, deed poll, etc, when amending your name.

What is the difference between the Accredited Register and Accredited Members? 

The term ‘accredited’ is used differently for the Register and members.  The Professional Standards Authority developed the Accredited Registers programme and that is the body that scrutinises the BACP Register. BACP also uses the term 'Accredited' to show registrants who have sought a higher level of quality assurance through the BACP accreditation scheme, over and above the minimum registration.

Why don't you show Senior Accreditation status on the BACP Register?

We want the Register to be easy for the public to use. As we have several types of senior accredited members, all of which would require explanation, we consider this would be confusing for the user.  You can advertise yourself as ‘senior accredited’ using Registered Member MBACP (Snr Accred). 

If I decide not to register now, can I apply in the future if I change my mind? 

If you do not register by the deadline (24 months from becoming an Individual Member or your next renewal date for MBACPs and Accredited / Senior Accredited members)  you will not be able to renew your membership.  You will need to join the Register if you wish to reapply for BACP membership and may be charged to sit the CoP. 

What is the difference between the Find a Therapist Directory and the BACP Register? 

The Find a Therapist Directory is a paid for listing. If you meet the criteria and wish to advertise, you can pay to appear in the Directory

The BACP Register is a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. It lists counsellors and psychotherapist who meet the registration criteria. It gives members names and generic localities to confirm that they are registered, but no contact details. It is not an advertising medium but it does provide links through to a Find a Therapist listing.

Why, when I log in, is my status showing as not eligible when I have completed a BACP accredited course? 

If your status is not showing you as eligible, it may be that we have not received a copy of your certificate. Please email membership@bacp.co.uk so that we can check this for you.

What happens if I don’t have a copy of my certificate or the course or course provider no longer exists? 

We will need you to send us full details of: 
  • the course
  • the venue
  • the tutors
  • the institution
  • names of any staff who taught on it
  • when and where it was run 
Alternatively, you can send in a letter on headed paper from your course provider confirming completion of a course.